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Onsite Support
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Pre-event support...

from rehearsals leading up to the live event, One10 Creative can support you by taking lead of any creative content -obviously to whatever extent you feel comfortable with.
You can rest assured that your client, yourself, your team will feel very comfortable and assured that everything is in good hands, however demanding the requirements become in the adrenaline-filled build up before those doors open! 

On-site support...

Whether it be for an initial meeting with yourself, your team or directly with the client, One10 Creative can become involved at this early stage to gather vital information that will provide a firm understanding of the event's key messages, what and if any event branding is required and immediately able to communicate with you the various ways in which the key messaging could be translated visually.

On-site operating...

We have extensive experience in operating multiple show machines, switching and working closely with lighting and sound technicians prior and during the show.

Post-event support...

In addition to any additional creative content you would like us to create, by attending debriefs we can help many of our clients realise any future potential in developing their creative content further and highlighting any key learnings regarding the handling and development of content onsite.  

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