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Custom built templates

Dynamically designed to look exceptional, yet easy to populate and develop into a functional presentation by yourself or your client.

Presentation formatting

One10 Creative can format any existing presentation with any data or assets into something that will deliver the key messages, in a carefully considered, yet more inspirational way. This may be through adding intricate animations or amending the layout and clarity of content.

Animation sequences

Pushing presentation software to its absolute limits, One10 Creative can create visually exciting, impactful 'video-like' sequences to display information, key messages, images or animated logos.  
These can be used for idents, information screens or to even kick-off an event.

Interactive presentations can allow the user full control and the ability to access any information within the presentation at any given time, via a carefully designed menu system that would be accessible throughout the presentation.

Interactive presentations

Full presentation design

Whether you are pitching for new business, or you have existing clients that annually provide you with presentation files you know could work so much better with further development,
we can help. 
Having recieved a brief and populating any required assets such as logos, images and copy, following any corporate guidlines if and where required, we will create a dynamic presentation, from the intial stages of creating a great looking template all the way through to adding any finishing touches.

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