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Videos for pitches

From the moment your audience walks in and during the time leading up to your event, we can help you build tension, excitement and entertain your audience as they anticipate the start of the show.  Using looping logo animations, videos and images, event branding or key messages, our walk-in videos set the mood perfectly.

Videos for 'walk-in'

We have been hugely successful in creating videos to assist our clients in grabbing the attention of their future prospective clients,
-and felt proud to have helped them win it!
Working with you, we can take the materials you are presenting through documentation or even presentation assets and provide you with a video to either play during, or maybe to open or close your pitch, exciting them, showcasing your product and helping you stand out from the rivals.

Show openers

Over the last decade, One10 Creative have had the pleasure of creating many video compositions that have kicked-off the start of many shows.  Whether the audience has been of 30 or 13,000 people, we have been hugely proud to have inspired, excited and captured the attention of global audiences, right from the word GO.

Show idents

We can help retain the excitement and attention of any audience through the longest of conferences through exciting animations to help seperate sessions, breaks and speaker changes.  Whether this be a shorter version of a grand show opener or maybe something completely different injection of animation, client branding or an exciting reveal of the next speaker's name, we can do it.

Post production video

Combining event branding with videos and photos you have had taken onsite during your event, we can help you capture the excitement, atmosphere and delegate experience of your event for both you and your client...  a great reminder for you that the months of hard work were worth it and reminding your client just how good you are!!

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